I finally met Mike

OK, today isn’t the best day if my life.

It seems I recently talked to the famous Mike, of Mike’s phone sex numbers.

This guy is a “whale” (someone who spends as much as $1k/day calling sex chat lines) and his list of phone sex numbers is known by pretty much anyone – something like 30% of my clients ask why our number isn’t in his list yet. My boss has been mailing him to ask for a review since ever.

It wasn’t my most fabulous day. He seemed like a really nice old guy, but I recently had an argument on the phone with mom, so I wasn’t my usual happy sweet self, I was distracted and nervous.

If he chose to add us to the list, this could have been huge for us. However, at the end of hour 20 minutes long conversation, he told me who he was and that he won’t be adding us.

I guess I can’t give 100% on every call, of every day, forever. Fuck me, right?



Sometimes, I feel guilty

He was smart, witty and his voice was as smooth as a strong coffee after a long night. He was my new customer, and we’ll call him Brian. He called me one night and, after a couple of hours of wonderful chat, I felt it was unfair that he pas the one paying, since I was having so much fun. And he lived close! We shopped at the same mall! I did the unthinkable and accepted his invitation – we met at a fancy restaurant where he turned out to be a gorgeous dark haired man in his early 30s. Boy, was this guy charming. He already knew I work as a phone sex operator, which isn’t the ideal position of stealing away Mr Right’s heart so I chose not to do what I wanted so badly and I didn’t fuck him that night. We just kissed a bit and he drove me home, like a perfect gentleman. I was probably my best date ever, even if I didn’t get to play with his cock.

The next night, he called again, as a joke. As a joke, I did my joke and helped the guy jerk one off while we laughed about it. As a joke, he called again. And again. His fantasies grew weirder and darker. His voice got colder and his hilarious jokes turned nasty and disgusting while he spent a few thousand dollars calling me nearly every night over the next 3 months.

After our date, I told all my girlfriends about him so, when Cindy me asked what happened to Prince Charming, I remembered that awesome man I met one day and asked him to meet me again on our next conversation. He refused, which shocked me, so I kept insisting and told him I’ll start rejecting his calls if he doesn’t meet me.

So we met again. This time, I met this… loser, basically. He looked like a homeless guy who just stole some nice clothes. He kept looking down while mumbling as I kept trying to carry a normal conversation with him. The sparkle in his eyes was gone, and they just looked dead and weird. No wit, no charm, no nothing. I felt repulsed by him and I just had to get away after about 10 minutes. I also felt repulsed by the thought that I let that kiss me one day.

Did I turn that awesome guy into a loser by just helping him jerk off? Wendy once told me a similar story about a client she met a few times so it might be the case.

Who’s Wendy? Ah, I’ll have to write something about her too…

My Kinkiest Phone Sex Chat Ever

Things are always a little wild in the run of a day, but one call in particular sticks out in my mind and has to be the kinkiest sex chat I’ve ever had.

“Hey baby, this is Shine. What’s your name?” I asked the caller.

“Trevor,” he said.

“ Mmm Trevor, your voice sounds so sexy. I can tell I’m going to love talking to you. What’s your biggest fantasy, Trevor?” I asked.

“Well, my girlfriend says it’s weird. She doesn’t like to experiment too much,” he said, a little hesitant.

“You mean it’s a little kinky, nothing could ever be weird between us Trevor,” I reassured the smile evident in my voice. “Tell me all about it, I can’t wait to hear it. I’m getting wet already.”

“Well, you see, I’ve always wanted to get a blow job at the movies,” he said.

“Oooh, Trevor, I like you already. You’re making me so hot,” I said as I slipped my fingers inside my panties. “I know just how to begin.”

“We’re at the theater and have taken our seats in the back in the corner. It’s a bit of a slow night but a few dozen movie goers have taken their places. I’m wearing my little white minidress with nothing underneath and four inch heels. The neckline plunges so low it’s comes to a stop just above my belly button and the shadow of my nipples is visible beneath the thin material. In the car on the way to the show I slid my hand up my dress and let you taste my juices.” I say setting up the scene in his mind.

“My cock is so hard right now,” said Trevor.

“The lights dim and the previews start to roll; the smell of popcorn fills the air. I place my hand on the bulge of your cock and feel it harden as I start to rub my palm against it. I undo your button and slide your zipper down before sliding my hand underneath your underwear to free your cock.”

I hear Trevor’s zipper slide down through the phone.

“That’s right baby, take that cock out for me and stroke it,” I tell him.

“It’s so hard for you I’m throbbing,” he said.

“The sight of your cock exposed in the dim light of the theater makes me so hot I know I can’t wait to get home to have a taste. With a quick look around and seeing no one too close, I quietly leave my seat and come to crouch between your thighs.”

“Your dress can’t contain your big tits and your nipples have escaped the V of your dress,” he adds.

“Yeah, they’re tight little peaks are so hard,” I said and pulled my tits free from my bra.

“Are you touching them?” he asks.

“Uhuh, I’m pinching them between my fingers and my pussy us getting wetter by the minute,” I respond and hear his breath quicken. “I lick the tip of your cock and feel you harden further. You taste so good Trevor.”

“My tongue traces wet circles around your head’s rim as my hand grasps the base and begins to slowly stroke your length. Your hands tighten their grip on the seats armrests as the previews end plunging us into temporary darkness. I take the head of your cock into my mouth and suck gently as you let out a gasp of breath. The movie begins and I begin to slowly slide my mouth up and down the length of your cock, my hand following its rhythm.”

“Oh yeah, Shine, suck it harder,” says Trevor a little breathless.

“I take you deeper in my mouth, all the way to the base of your cock, the tip deep within my throat. Your hand glides down the bare skin of my tits and squeezes my nipples as I increase the speed and pressure of my mouth on your cock. Does it feel good Trevor?”

“Oh fuck yeah, faster baby,” he says.

“I pick up the speed and my warm, wet mouth slides up and down your cock, my hand pumping your cock. My pussy is dripping wet for you,” I say.

“You suck my cock so good Shine. I want to feel your tight pussy around my cock,” he says.

“I get up from my crouched position push the arm rests back out of the way before pulling my dress up around my waist. Your fingers slide between my pussy lips to feel my wetness and my clit throbs in excitement,” I say rubbing my fingers across it.

“I lick the wetness from my fingers and put my hands on your hips and pull you towards me,” says Trevor excitedly.

“I maneuver myself and straddle your lap and reach down to rub the tip of your cock along the warm, wet slit. I can’t wait any longer, I need you deep inside me. I lower myself onto your cock, my slick wet pussy tightly gripping your hard, throbbing cock.”

“Fuck me fast and hard, Shine. I want to cum deep inside you,” he says.

“That’s right baby, you stroke that cock for me,” I say. “I slide slowly down your length taking you deep inside. Your cock is so thick and long it barely fits. You feel so fucking good Trevor,” I say as I pull my largest dildo out of my drawer and slide it deep inside me.

“My fingers pinch your nipples as you start to ride me and I look around to see if anyone is watching,” said Trevor.

“I don’t think anyone has seen us yet, but they might,” I add and bury the glass dildo deep inside me with a gasp. “I begin to fuck you hard and fast, my tits bouncing as I enjoy the ride. Your hands tight on my waist and you thrust your hips upwards to drive you deeper.”

Trevor moans softly and begins to breathe harder.

“You wanna cum inside my tight, wet pussy Trevor?”

“Uhuh, I wanna cum,” he says.

“I lean forward and kiss you deeply and tell you I’m going to cum all over your cock. My pussy begins its rhythmic massage and I cover my mouth in the side of your neck as I begin to cum. Low, quiet moans escape as I begin to cum. You thrust into me hard and deep as I begin to climax and am taken over the edge.”

“That’s right, squirt all over my cock,” he says voice raspy.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah,” I moan as my pussy clenches around my dildo and I orgasm with a squirt. “Cum for me Trevor.”

“In your mouth,” he pants.

“I quickly drop to my knees in front of you on the theater floor and grasp your cock in my hand. My mouth and hand gripping and sliding your cock as it throbs under my lips. I want to taste you now.”

Trevor begins to moan in my ear. “Oh yeah baby, fill my mouth with your delicious cum.”

“I’m cumming,” he says with a groan.

“I pump your cock as your cum squirts into my mouth and throat. I take deep swallows and continue sucking as you groan aloud in the theater. I lick all the delicious cum off of you, not wanting to waste a drop. A couple a few rows ahead of us turns in our direction at the sound but only see you sitting there alone.”

And that was my kinkiest chat so far.

If you’d like to have a chat with me, call me at 1-888-211-6115 and ask for Shine. My rates start at only 29 cents per minute!

Phone Sex with a Cross-dresser

In my line of work I get a few interesting customers and requests but it’s my job not to overthink it. I mean, I talk dirty for money and that’s hardly a job to tell grandma about so who am I to judge? Besides, I think I get a little bit of a kick from finding out what other people are in to. It makes my own kinks look downright tame by comparison.

One time in particular I remember talking to this guy who was happily married but secretly a cross dresser. He’d been married quite a long time and his wife knew about his double life but not many other people did. He was straight and very faithful to her but she wasn’t comfortable exploring that side of his sexuality with him. So she suggested that he give me a call. Seriously, she sounded really understanding and they both just wanted to find a way to keep their marriage alive… I found all of this out later because he actually became a regular customer of mine.

So that first night I take his call and he tells me that his name is Jeff.

“Hello Jeff, what can I do for you this evening?” It’s my standard greeting but I make sure my voice is all breathy and seductive.

“Well I’m home alone tonight. My wife is at her sister’s. I wanted to try something new, I know she won’t mind.”

He sounded nervous so I remember trying to coax the answer out of him.

“Oh yeah? Something new? I’m always up for something a little out of the ordinary.” I tell him. I always smile when I’m on call because I think that customers can sort of hear it in your voice – a tip for anyone who is interested.

He hesitated and then spat it all out. “I’m wearing my wife’s clothes and I want someone to tell me to touch myself while I’m alone. I’ve thought about it for a while. Can you do that?”

I don’t miss a beat. Compared to some of the requests I’ve had Jeff is super regular, the problem is that he thinks it’s too weird. I want to help him with that.

“Jeff, can you tell me what you’re wearing?”

“Uh, yes… I’m wearing her favorite sun dress. It’s white and yellow. It’s a bit too small on me so I don’t zip up the back. I have on the underwear I bought her for our last anniversary. I didn’t tell her at the time but I picked it because I thought it would look good on me…”

“That sounds like a pretty outfit. What about jewellery? Do you have shoes on?”

“Her shoes didn’t fit. But I’m wearing one of her necklaces.”

Jeff was starting to sound more relaxed so I encouraged him to keep going.

“Jeff I want you to stroke that necklace for me. Close your eyes and stroke it. Then run your hand down, over your bra and poke your fingers inside… are you doing that for me Jeff?”

Jeff breathed a little yes.

“Good, I want you to squeeze your nipples gently. Then while you’re doing that I want you to run your hand along your thigh; push that dress up until your underwear is showing. Is it lacy underwear Jeff? Or is it smooth and silky?”

“It’s smooth and silky.” Jeff moans down the phone. I smile.

“That’s sexy. Can you rub yourself through the fabric for me? Are you getting hard?”

“Yes, the underwear feels a bit tight.”

“Slip your dick out the top. I want you to start jerking it to the sound of my voice… Is there a mirror in the room?”


“I want you to watch yourself in the mirror while you touch yourself. Think about coming everywhere… maybe even on those beautiful clothes that you’re wearing.”

I listen to Jeff breathe heavily and moan down the phone, whispering words of encouragement just to keep him going. He comes in under two minutes, thanking me profusely and promising to call again soon.

I was happy for the rest of the night. Sometimes I get a call like that where I feel like I’ve helped someone be more honest about their darkest desires and it feels pretty good. I might not be cheap but I’m still not as expensive as a therapist!

If you’d like to have a chat with me, call me at 1-888-211-6115 and ask for Shine. My rates start at only 29 cents per minute!

Black girls working as phone sex operators

Black girls have the sweetest, honey-like, voice ever. No wonder they are so wanted as a sex operator. And they are lusty also. There is a particular mischief in their voice each time they start talking to you over the phone. Probably the most frequent phantasy of men is to enjoy two women at the same time. Well, two girls I met, during my time as a sex operator, thought to exploit this part. They were good friends, and they had skin like dark chocolate. I had an idea about how a conversation like this could unroll over the phone, since I am in the branch, but it was hard to imagine how they could work both in the same time. Of course, the girls were very friendly and invited me over in one of their working evening. I just couldn’t refuse. It was an opportunity to enrich my knowledge about the activity that already gave me the best experiences ever.

Those girls had no inhibitions. Not only I had the chance to hear them, but they offered a comfy place to sit in their room, as they prepared to start their work for the evening. Not being modest and accepting your sexuality are indeed excellent qualities for the job. The chocolate girls jumped in a set of sexy lingerie and lighted up some candles for the mood. The first phone call rang, and they immediately answered. They put the client on speaker so they both could talk to him and have free hands to enjoy one another. The customer was the eager kind. He didn’t need too many details to be already extremely horny. Well, it was hard not to be, with these two luscious girls. They started describing to their client what were they do it to each other. They started caressing each other, first the breasts and slowly starting to kiss each other.

One of them took out of a drawer a big dildo and a tube of lube. These girls had big plans for the night. The other one grabbed a small whip and started hitting her partner’s ass gently, but enough to make the slapping sound that excited the man so bad. One of the girls then said to the man “I have a large dildo in my hand, what do you want me to do whit it?”. “Do your friend hard”, the man said, “I want to hear her moan of pleasure”. She started to play with the dildo in the pussy of her friend, going frenetically in and out, making her moan in a way that got me wet also. The other one wanted to return the favor and started masturbating her friend. First with her hand, then with her tongue, so deep it could drive anyone wild. The view was staggering. I was witnessing two girls having crazy sex to each other and moaning like in the best porn movies. “Do me hard!” one of them yelled. I could hear the man moaning in the phone also. He even admitted he is going to come soon. So were our girls. The party ended awesomely, and the customer promised to return soon, for an another portion of wild phone sex, with the two wild black girls.

If you’d like to have a chat with me, call me at 1-888-211-6115 and ask for Shine. My rates start at only 29 cents per minute!

Asian Phone Sex Operators

Hello again, guys! As you might already know, my name is Shine and I’m a phone sex operator. I’m a bubbly girl who likes to talk dirty and this is one of my first steps into the world of blogging. I’ve been in the industry for quite some time and I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life doing what I do. I decided to set up this blog so I could share some of the best moments I’ve experienced, simply because they’ve ranged from funny to bizarre, weird to really sexy. I hope you like the articles – keep checking back as I’ll be updating it regularly.

One of my most memorable stories is about an Asian phone sex operator called Ayako. It was during my early days of being a sex operator when she invited me over to “see how it was done”. During my training I was told I could do what I needed to convey my sexuality, whether it was simply a hand in my panties or going all out with sex toys and other paraphernalia. It was safe to say Ayako was a massive supporter of the latter.

Ayako had quite an unassuming house in the suburbs. She led me into her “office” and it was something you had to see for yourself to believe. She had posters up all over the place of naked guys and girls. She had a large TV on the wall streaming porn and a large selection of sex toys on her desk. She was totally into the job in more ways than one.

“I like to make it as authentic as possible,” she said as she introduced me to her drawers of lube, more sex toys and all kinds of sexy lingerie.

Guys love Asian sex operators so she was always really busy when she was on call. While I was there ogling her collection her phone rang. It was a client. She asked me to stay quiet as she answered it and started her routine. I watched as she touched herself while she described what he was doing to her. She started by rubbing her breasts and nipples and then moved her hand between her legs as she started masturbating. She was clearly enjoying it and had no shame getting herself off in front of me.

To my surprise she said “I want you deep in my pussy” and proceeded to grab a large dildo from her drawer. It has a suction base which she stuck down on her chair. She lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and lowered herself over the large toy. She moaned loudly as she rode it hard, slipping in and out of her while she struggled to speak on the phone.

A few minutes later she experienced an intense orgasm, trembling and shaking as she cried out in lust. It was amazing to see how into it she was. It certainly gave me some good ideas and one of the reasons I’m such a popular sex operator today…

If you’d like to have a chat with me too, call me at 1-888-211-6115 and ask for Shine. My rates start at only 29 cents per minute!

Girls Having Phone Sex with Each Other

[Sound of a phone ringing]

Shine: Hello dear, who I am on to this lovely evening?

Caller: Hello… just call me Honey. How are you today and I hoping you will make me touch the sky this beautiful evening?

Shine: Wow! You have a thrilling voice. Of course you are in for a wonderful time with me today.

Honey: Okay I am good to go [Chuckles]

Shine: Is this your first time?

Honey: [Chuckles] not really but with you? Yes! This is my first time.

Shine: Okay, where are you and what are you wearing?

Honey: In my room and I am wearing just panties.

Shine: Oh…. Can I remove your panties and kiss your honey-pot?

Honey: [Chuckles] Yes….

<the following few lines are all my fantasy, of course>

So I started kissing her honey-pot gradually stroking my fingers against her apple shape breasts. I kissed her navel and I can hear Honey moan. So I went up her nipples… oh! These are delicious. She chuckles and moans making me spin in my head. Wow! Her lips are soft and warm. So I kissed her rolling my tongue with hers and at the same time my hands stroke down her back to meet the curve of her soft but firm buttocks. She respond to every stroke with a rhythmic jerking allowing my fingers access into her honey-pot from the rear.

I move back to her breasts again starting with her left. As I suck and softly bite, she screams with ecstasy “Oh! You are taking me up there”. I sucked more and making her screaming the more. Again, I kissed her nipples gentling and she giggles.

Shine: Honey do you feel good?

Honey: O’ yes! Please do not stop now. Give me more, will you?

Shine: Of course I am not about to stop at all….

So I gently spread her legs apart and tucked in my tongue into her honey-pot, stroking her clitoris. “Ohhhh…!” she moans “Shine you are just too much. Please do not stop Ohhhh…!” I thrust deeper into her G-Spot stroking it gently while my hands find her breasts again. As I stoke her G-Spot with tongue and gently caress her breasts her rhythm jerks increases. So I thrust further into her honey-pot touching the inner part of G-Spot and then she exclaims “wow! I am coming, oh I am coming…” And she came hard on my face with a big orgasm. I crawled up to her and gently curbed her in my arms stroking her hair.

Honey: Thank you Shine.

Shine: [Chuckles] did you enjoy yourself?

Honey: Yes, I did. You are so good.

Shine: Really?

Honey: Yes! You are good.

Shine: Thank you!

Shine: when will I hear from you again?

Honey: Tomorrow at this same time.

Shine: Wow! That will be good.

Shine: Can I kiss you good bye?

Honey: [Giggling] Of course you can…my SunShine.

So I kissed her deeply (in my mind, of course) and moaned too. Honey was good and her moans really got to me wet. I look forward to an exciting time with her tomorrow.

If you’d like to have a chat with me too, call me at 1-888-211-6115 and ask for Shine. My rates start at only 29 cents per minute!