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We rely almost exclusively on donations to do our work. Some of our funding comes from the corporate sector and some from Shine African Children's Trust fundraising events, but most of it comes from individual donations.


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The Shine African Children's Trust


Shine African Childrens' Trust was set up to establish and run a children's home in Zimbabwe.

Shine African Childrens' Trust will work with local associations to identify and care for orphaned children who have no visible means of support. Many of these children will be victims of the scourge of HIV AIDS that is taking a terrible toll throughout much of Africa. Most of those infected are in the middle-age range, leaving behind them children and grandparents.

According to UNICEF, Zimbabwe now has the highest number of orphan children in the world, in proportion to its population, most of them as a result of parents dying from AIDS.

We want the Shine African Childrens' Trust home to become an integral part of the local community. As far as possible, we will make our play and educational facilities available to children in the surrounding area. And we will encourage the staff and children in our home to contribute to and participate in the life and welfare of the local community.

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Mazzy Shine Shine African Children's Trust is named after its founder, Mazzy Shine. Mazzy has worked as a paediatric nurse for many years in the UK, most recently at the Royal Free Hospital in London. Her connections with Zimbabwe go back to the early 1900s, when her grandfather, Arthur Shearly Cripps Arthur Shearly Cripps, an Anglican priest and poet, went to Southern Rhodesia (as Zimbabwe was known then) to become a missionary.

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Shine African Children's Trust is a UK Registered Charity


The Shine African Children’s Trust (SACT) was registered as a UK charity in November 2007. (UK Registered Charity No. 1121650)



January 2014


Well, you'll never guess what happened today! The children started their swimming lessons yesterday and they absolutely LOVED it. It was quite fascinating to see how Sharon taught them. And she is doing this all for free!!!

By the end of the lesson, they were floating and managing to push themselves to the other side of the pool. It was astonishing and there was much delight and giggling!


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UK Registered charity No. 1121650